Water Fast Day 3

Written by on Feb 28 2013

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Day 3

This was a hard day. I only really felt hungry mid-day, but through most of the day I felt foggy mentally. I don’t think I could have continued much longer like that, but by 6:00PM it cleared up and I felt really great.

I did cheat yesterday: We made pizza at home for dinner and I ate a tiny (less then 1cm square) bit of cheese. I also had a diet soda with the kids for dinner.

Being Fat

I woke up today having lost another 2 lbs. yesterday. That brings my total weight loss to date to 50 lbs.!!

I’ve been overweight since I was seven years old, I was skinny before that. That summer my brother and I were pretty much left alone. No day camp, no planned activities. My Father started an engineering business and was working from the living room at the time, so we couldn’t run around or make noise. My summer was spent watching TV on very low volume and eating.

My Dad wasn’t wasn’t really into sports so I didn’t learn the joy of exercise until later in life. At the doctor’s office for check-ups my Mom would always ask about my weight and the doctors always said “It’s just baby fat.” Thanks doc. Through my teens and early twenties I was overweight but not morbidly obese. That didn’t happen until after I was married. Which is also when I stopped smoking.

For the past few years I’ve been struggling with losing weight. But by mid-September of last year I had reached a new record: 300 lbs. My fattest clothes were tight. It was uncomfortable to put on my shoes. No exercise was enjoyable. My eating was out of control and I finally had enough. I wanted surgery.

While talking to a dear friend, he suggested before surgery I should try this shake diet that his father-in-law had done. He had lost 70 lbs in 7 months. I sent away for it, but it took so long to arrive that I became impatient and bought SlimFast shakes.

For the next few months I would only drink the shakes. I also ate a salad most days as my only meal. And it worked. You can see my weight loss graph here.

My weight loss has plateaued since January as I was having trouble sticking to the diet. Now I’m jump starting it back on track.

Part of this fast is to change my relationship with food. How I look at it and what I use it for. I have 50 or so lbs. to go. As of this morning I’m half way there.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about my inspiration for the fast.

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