Water Fast Day 1

Written by on Feb 26 2013

This is day one of this journey. I hope you stick around and take this ride with me.

I started a water fast yesterday. This is where I don’t eat any food and drink anything except water.

I’ve sort of been training for this for sometime, I’ve become accustomed to eating very little and I’ve skipped eating for a whole day a few times recently, so day one went fairly smoothly. I was only hungry a few times and when I was I drank some water, not much, just until my thirst was quenched. It was a busy day yesterday which was a nice distraction from food.

In the evening time I found that I had more energy than usual and I was able to perform better interacting with the kids and helping with homework and whatever they were into last night.

By 8:30PM I was pretty tired and fell asleep for a few minutes, which I often do closer to 6:00PM. I felt chilled during the afternoon and while trying to fall asleep. I was in bed at nine and read for an hour. By the time I climbed into bed I had a bit of a headache and I labored to fall asleep at 10:00PM. Finally I took some aspirin and put on warm socks. Shortly after than I felt cozy and ready for sleep. Falling asleep on an empty stomach is always hard for me, but I slept well and woke up this morning feeling good.

Tomorrow I’ll start explaining why I’m doing this.

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