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Adding a phone number to LessAccounting increased our paid user base

written by Allan on February 17, 2011
How adding a 1-800 number to LessAccounting increased its amount of paid users.

We're hiring for

written by Allan on February 14, 2011
Are you interested in working for LessAccounting as a customer support superhero? Inquire within.

Ads work for impulse buys

written by Allan on June 09, 2010
A quick study on what two separate kinds of ads did for LessAccounting over a week's time.

Allan's Interview on

written by Allan on May 17, 2010
Last week, Allan was interviewed by Andrew Warner of Here's the video.

Teaspiller integrates with LessAccounting!

written by Allan on April 07, 2010
Less Everything announces: Teaspiller + LessAccounting integration.

Less Accounting Paid Users Growth Curve

written by Steven on May 05, 2009
Here's a graph Steve compiled to show something very interesting about Less Accounting.

Shortest Cursor Path

written by Allan on January 05, 2009
Something that might not cross your mind while designing: short cursor paths between clickable objects.

Your suffering is over... Welcome Quickbooks Users!

written by Allan on November 18, 2008
Less Everything launches the Quickbooks Data Importer feature on Less Accounting.

Nice review of Less Accounting

written by Steven on October 13, 2008
Ben Kepes just published a nice write up about Less Accounting. Check it out here.

New Features in Less Accounting

written by Steven on October 09, 2008
A list of several new features that have just released in Less Accounting. Read about them in detail here.

Escape from Quickbooks

written by Allan on August 29, 2008
Allan invites you to send your Quickbooks data to help test the importer feature on Less Accounting.

Thanks Freelance Radio!

written by Allan on November 29, 2007
Less Accounting is on the airwaves! (well, sort of.)

The kind of business service I hope we give

written by Steven on September 04, 2007
Looking for an example of great customer support? Here it is.

Intuit Building Quicken Online

written by Steven on August 21, 2007
Here's a complicated breakdown of why this helps Less Accounting in the long run.

Problem with the Wesabe importer

written by Steven on August 14, 2007
We're working on a fix concerning an issue with Wesabe and Less Accounting.

New Stuff in Less Accounting

written by Steven on August 12, 2007
Profit and Loss Reports, Deposit Categories and Streamlined Navigation are new to Less Accounting!

How do you use Less Accounting? -- The Bank of Dad

written by Steven on August 01, 2007
An interesting look at the diversity of Less Accounting's functions. Anything is possible!

Less Accounting Out of Beta

written by Steven on July 31, 2007
BETA is complete for Less Accounting. Check out what we've added.

What? Is there something new with Less Accounting?

written by Steven on July 26, 2007
New treats from Less Accounting 7/26/07

Lazy Designer

written by Allan on July 13, 2007
The blog matches the site now. No worries.

Transfer funds now available.

written by Steven on April 22, 2007
Announcing: The new "Transfer Funds" feature on Less Accounting.

Beta is open

written by Steven on April 18, 2007
The wait is over! Announcing: Less Accounting Open BETA!

New stuff

written by Steven on April 04, 2007
Add ons and bug fixes to Less Accounting app as of 4/4/07

Open the flood gates

written by Steven on March 27, 2007
Less Accounting is exiting BETA phase and is open for public discussion and review. Launch invitations in the mail.

Less Accounting invitations begin

written by Steven on February 27, 2007
A note about invitations to Less Accounting BETA.
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