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Water Fast Day 1

written by Steven on February 26, 2013

This is day one of this journey. I hope you stick around and take this ride with me.

I started a water fast yesterday. This is where I don’t eat any food and drink anything except water.

I’ve sort of been training for this for sometime, I’ve become accustomed to eating very little and I’ve skipped eating for a whole day a few times recently, so day one went fairly smoothly. I was only hungry a few times and when I was I drank some water, not much, just until my thirst was quenched. It was a busy day yesterday which was a nice distraction from food.

In the evening time I found that I had more energy than usual and I was able to perform better interacting with the kids and helping with homework and whatever they were into last night.

By 8:30PM I was pretty tired and fell asleep for a few minutes, which I often do closer to 6:00PM. I felt chilled during the afternoon and while trying to fall asleep. I was in bed at nine and read for an hour. By the time I climbed into bed I had a bit of a headache and I labored to fall asleep at 10:00PM. Finally I took some aspirin and put on warm socks. Shortly after than I felt cozy and ready for sleep. Falling asleep on an empty stomach is always hard for me, but I slept well and woke up this morning feeling good.

Tomorrow I’ll start explaining why I’m doing this.

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Brad Miller
Brad Miller said on February 26, 2013

Nice work bro! I did this a few times but about 8 years ago. hehe. Hope your results are good!

Steven Bristol
Steven Bristol said on February 26, 2013

Thanks Brad! I’ll keep you posted.

Ben Ford
Ben Ford said on February 26, 2013

I’m guessing you are following a planned water fast that keeps you from dying, but salt, potassium, and other electrolytes are necessary. You won’t even get salt with a multi-vitamin.

It takes about a week to run out of salt and you’ll start having serious life-threatening issues. Unfortunately I know this from experience as I went on a super limited diet few years ago, that among other things, lacked salt.

Steven Bristol
Steven Bristol said on February 26, 2013

Good advice, Ben. I’ve done an eight day fast before, so I know what to expect for that long. Beyond that I’m looking forward to, lol.

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