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5 Most HATED Companies Online

written by Steven on April 21, 2008

5. Verizon

Verizon sucks Google Search: "Verizon Sucks" = 17,100 results
Google Search: "I Hate Verizon" = 7,530 results

Best of the Worst:

How Bad Can a Cell Phone Company Get?

4. Wal-Mart

Walmart Sucks Google Search: "Wal-Mart Sucks" = 19,100 results
Google Search: "I Hate Walmart" = 17,700 results

Best of the Worst:

3. Comcast

Comcast Sucks Google Search: "Comcast Sucks" = 26,900 results
Google Search: "I Hate Comcast" = 10,900 results

Best of the Worst:

Comcast Technician Sleeping on Couch:

2. AOL

AOL Sucks Google Search: "AOL Sucks" = 41,000 results
Google Search: "I Hate AOL" = 10,800 results

Best of the Worst:

Canceling AOL Account:



1. Microsoft

microsoft sucks Google Search: "Microsoft Sucks" = 64,800 results
Google Search: "I Hate Microsoft" = 81,800 results

Best of the Worst:

Chris Pirillo Calls Microsoft Outlook Tech Support:

This public service announcement to rude customer service departments and frustrating applications is brought to you by We All Hate Quickbooks, developed by the creators of Less Accounting. We make life less annoying.

UPDATE – Some additions to the list:

If you can think of other companies that should be on here, please share them in the comments below or on digg.


MySpace Sucks Google Search: "MySpace Sucks" = 110,000 results
Google Search: "I Hate MySpace" = 70,700 results
(I think we have a winner, can anyone beat it?!)

Best of the Worst:

The Megan Meier Story:

(thanks to Drew from Digg)


Google Sucks 

Google Search: "Google Sucks" = 132,000 results
Google Search: "I Hate Google" = 27,000 results

Best of the Worst:

Note: The Google Sucks results are tainted by posts like this one from a friend, Barry Schwartz, who purposefully wrote about it in a humorous post and encouraged others to do the same. Also, the sheer number of Google users that are technologically advanced versus say a Wal-Mart customer is probably a huge difference. This means when a Wal-Mart customer gets screwed they probably turn to a lawyer or watch group rather than their blog.

You've Been Googled:

(I posted a video about Google, but on further examination it was clear that the beliefs of Less Everything weren't in alignment with those of the speaker. We personally love Google and use all of their tools, so it didn't feel right saying negative things about them. Besides I used Google to google everything, which seems to negate many of these comments. Also… Steve made me do it! So, enjoy this cute puppy!!!)

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Gareth said on April 21, 2008

Linux sucks points: 84,300
Apple sucks points: 75,800
AT&T sucks points: 13,470
Puppies suck points: 3,423
Global Village sucks points: 8

Hurrah, my small company is one of the most popular online, even moreso than puppies!

Drew said on April 21, 2008

Where’s Myspace???
Myspace has 179,600 sucks points and totally qualifies as a business.

She-Ra said on April 21, 2008

lol @Gareth. It’s hard to be more popular than puppies, so that’s pretty damn good.

Drew I just added an update section to the post, but Mephisto has a bug that isn’t show the edits. As soon as it’s fixed it’ll be on there.

OneOfNone said on April 21, 2008

Gareth is absolutely right: when awarding final suck points, the honest way to go is to divide total by the number of plain hits for a Co. name.
Search for “Microsoft” brings up 734 Mhits, while for “Comcast” it’s 31.5 Mhits. So, while MS has ~4x more plain suck points, it is mentioned ~22x more often. Ergo, Comcast sucks 22/4=5.5x stronger than Microsoft. This sounds about right to me.

OneOfNone said on April 21, 2008

BTW, Google searches for “Walmart” and “Wal-mart” separately: should be 76,700 suck points total using your methodology.

Ned said on April 22, 2008

Paypal sucks – 152,000 suck points
adsense sucks – 199,000 suck points

umissedgoogle said on April 22, 2008

You missed Google

“google sucks” = 132,000
“i hate google” = 16,100

total = 148,100

It’s more hated than Microsoft these days!

Muh said on April 22, 2008

Too bad God’s not a company. He’s got everyone beat.

“god sucks” = 2,430,000
“i hate god” = 3,630,000

With just over 6 million, God is clearly the Lord of Internet Hate.

She-Ra said on April 22, 2008

Google is an interesting one. The simple fact that I used Google to google everything seemed to negate inclusion, but I’ve added it to the list with a few notes about clear SEO slants. Sites like are actually positive SEO spins… those damned, dirty SEOs!

clay said on May 24, 2008

Sprint definately needs to be added to this list.

Google results “sprint sucks” : 166,000
Google results “i hate sprint” : 481,000

this blows verizon out of the water. And as a previous Sprint customer, I can attest to their suck-factor

Shfoosmuck said on May 27, 2008

Man, you forgot “Hot girl sucks”. You get a LOT of results for that.

Ron said on June 12, 2008

You left out one of the companies I think suck most of all. Intuit, not because of TurboTax or Quicken but because of their flagship piece of **** QuickBooks.

Crystal said on June 24, 2008

Verizon is horrible!!! They are a joke. If they are the only service for internet and/or phones….I will go without!


Preston said on June 29, 2008

“Macintosh Sucks” on Google. 1,010,000 Suck points

I think they suck more than Microsoft…

Microsoft 392,000
Windows 485,000
XP 3,510,000
Vista 676,000
Apple 382,000
Mac 372,000
OSX 2,130,000
linux 398,000
Ubunto 1,860,000

wireless guru
wireless guru said on July 09, 2008

verizon sucks more than sprint does, sprint just has a f*ck load of dumb people using their service, and verizon just overcharges and makes their service sound better.

Gevil said on July 09, 2008

I’d love for you to take a look at my anti-google site ( I’d like to think it would make a nice addition to the Best of the Worst list.


jane said on July 10, 2008

verizon sucks. i hate them so much. i don’t care what facet of the company we’re talking about, it all sucks. but my big beef with them is when i called in, trying to fix a problem, but they magically created more problems and after 10+ hours, 12+ agents, a DSL cancellation (aka no internet access), different and inaccurate information every call, and 2 dropped calls later one agent was ignorant enough to be condescending towards me about the whole matter. WTF!? our office was defunct for a week because of the whole matter, the entire fiasco started because lines were installed improperly, no one could give me a straight answer about anything that was going on and they had been sending emails to us at a non-existent email address. but NO ONE offered to comp us on ANYTHING. not for the first, second, third…or ANY of the problems that were created due to the incompetency, poor communication, and anti-quality service of verizon. instead of the voice recording disclaimer that says your call will be recorded for quality reassurance, they need to change that to a disclaimer warning customers that interactions with verizon customer service may induce feelings of nausea, homocide, suicide, stress and a host of other absurd and hostile emotions that are indescribably extreme.
here is a conglomeration of words expressing my experience with verizon.
the agents were incompetent, confused, self-righteous, indifferent, unsympathetic, annoyed…
the results were few, problematic, nonexistent, insufficient…
and a whole slew of other expressions that make me think of verizon: F*CK!, are you f*cking serious, WTF, please-don’t transfer me again, i’m not getting off the phone with you until this is fixed, so this is the 4th person i’ve talked to today…, crying, feeling helpless, OMGGG, pleeeeeeeeeeeease just FIX IT, but i made my payment last week…why did you turn my internet off, why didn’t anyone tell me this before, why did they say (insert what previous agent said) if you say (insert what current agent is saying)…
the disclaimer also needs to note that these effects could last anywhere from 2 hours to 5+ weeks. and that towards the end of the said time frame, the most pervasive feelings will be pure rage mixed with helplessness and a loss of words either due to the fact that you have explained your situation so many times you are unsure if you can possibly repeat it again or that your rage and helplessness are so pure that they are absolutely inexplicable.

spread the shiz! fertilize the hate for verizon!

elena said on August 04, 2008

Myspace has 179,600 sucks points and totally qualifies as a business.
I think they suck more than Google

Toni said on August 05, 2008

Sears ranks right up there with the worst of the worst.

Ever buy an appliance from Sears, ever call customer service to get it fixed when it doesn’t work…and trust me if its a Kenmore it will need service…and its worse if you are under warranty or have an extended plan…because they have you…3 weeks just to get a service tech to come out and look at my refrigerator…then they cancelled on the day he was to come out…he was too busy….rescheduled me for 10 days later (that’s 4+ weeks just to get a service tech out)…oh, don’t try to speak to a customer service rep…I was disconnected 3 times and when I made an issue out of that, I was put on hold for
1hr 40minutes (100 minutes)- then they disconnected me…Unlike the other companies on this list, there are viable alternative retailers to SEARS…with all of the complaints about Sears (just google Sears Sucks), I calling for a National Boycott of Sears


lukes1014 said on August 26, 2008

Yes, Verizon DSL does suck—big time. I’ve switched to Comcast permanently. The reason I switched: I have this friend who works as a network specialist for Verizon. And he told me that if I gave him the name an address of anyone within his area he could run a report on their surfing habits and give a copy to me. I didn’t believe him so, I gave him the address of several of my co-workers. Low and behold! The things you can tell about a person from their surfing habits. I learned that one of my co-workers, a woman of 45 is trying to get pregnant by using a sperm bank. Who knew? The way she rejects the guys in the office, we though she was a dyke. She has been doing online searches for sperm banks in the area. She even placed an online ad for sperm donors. Why must they always have a high IQ? Anyway, my boss, he is 65, wears incontinence pads. Now I know what was in the paper sack he carries into the bathroom. And he orders them wholesale online. These surfing reports were becoming addictive. So I gave my friend at Verizon my neighbors names and addresses. I discovered that the couple next door visits all sorts of dirty porn sites at night, one was dealing with bestiality. Although, it could be just the him, because his wife works most week nights. My neighbor to the right of me, so sad, I believe she has pancreatic cancer. We can tell because she is constantly searching for treatment articles on the internet. She has always looked sickly to me. Now I know why. Yes, I am a hypocrite. Albeit I like the reports, I would not want to be spied. My friend tells me that half of the network specialist at Verizon are running these reports for their friends and many are doing it for money. For the record, Verizon’s policy is that they do not engage in this sort of thing. Off they record, maybe not Verizon, but their employees sure do. The thing of it is, I don’t think it is against the law, though it may be unethical for the employees to do that. I must admit this is addicitive. Now I want to know about my shady pastor and if only I knew the address of the rude cashier who works at the WaWa not far from me. What a bitch! I would like to know her secrets. I guess after all Verizon is good for something.

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